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The Reset the Room Game

Which scenario would you rather wake up to?

· Dirty dishes on the kitchen counter

· A pile of dirty clothes on the floor

· Kids toys all over the floor


· A kitchen counter that is tidy

· The dishwasher is empty and clean dishes put away

· No piles of dirty clothes

· Kids toys picked up

How can you achieve this?

Get the whole family involved in the Reset the Room game.

Set a timer for 15 minutes to reset the room.

· Kids will tidy up their toys and books, using designated baskets or shelves to put the toys and books on/in.

· Load up backpacks and briefcases for the next day

· Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket

· Clean up dishes and load dishwasher

· Wipe down the kitchen table and counters

· Pickup shoes and put in the designated spot

· Add task specific for your needs.

Now you can go to bed with a sense of accomplishment with less stress because things are put away and you will wake up to a tidy not messy home.

Enjoy, you deserve it!


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