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Transforming Old Things into New

Many years ago, my mother knit a green wool sweater.

The first time I remember seeing it was in a picture.

My oldest brother was wearing it as part of a Halloween costume.

(Doesn’t he look cute?, see below)

I do not remember my mom wearing it much,

it mostly hung in the back corner of a closet at home.

When I had grown enough to wear it, she gave it to me.

I wore it off and on over the years.

It was very warm and cozy during the Midwest winters.

After several washings, it shrunk a bit and did not fit as well.

For a few years I have been thinking of how to turn the sweater into another

clothing item. I saw on a Facebook post that a local seamstress was making warm mittens out of

fleece and knit material.

A light bulb moment, the green wool sweater could be turned into mittens!

Pictured below is the end result of the project.

I am going to keep on pair of mittens for myself and give the other pair to my sister.

So, a sweater my mom knit over 60 years ago lives on and will keep our hands warm for a few

cold Midwest winters. Thanks Mom! I love you and miss you.

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