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Spring Cleaning Part 2 Garages

As the weather gets a bit warmer thoughts turn to outdoor work: cleaning up the yard and cleaning out the garage.

The main purpose of a garage is to store your car or truck. Often times ones garage is so full of other things that there is no room for the vehicle. What can you do?

The first action is to sort out what is in the garage. Start in one corner of the garage and work your way around the area. Put like with like: all garden tools together, all shovels, automotive supplies, recyclables , etc. As you sort decide if you still need the items. Are some broken and not worth fixing: throw them away or recycle if possible. Are some of the items from past interests: your kids sporting equipment, fishing equipment, etc. If you will not use it anymore you can sell it or donate it. You are passing on the opportunity for another person to enjoy this activity.

Now that you have sorted out what you want or need to keep it is time to decide on the best place for it to live in the garage. Setting up zones in the garage can be very helpful: recycling, gardening, snow removal, auto items, etc.

Time to purchase items to help keep the garage organized. Some items you might want to purchase are hooks to hang items, shelving units or cabinets. Making good use of the vertical space is important.

Lastly, remember to put away items when you are done using them.

Look! There is room to park your car in the garage and you can find the items you want when you need them.

This have freed up time so you can be outside enjoying the warmer temperature and beauty of nature!


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