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Let’s go shopping!(In your own storage spaces)

You look around your space and think,

I need to get rid of some things.

Ugh! Decluttering takes a long time.


So, let’s flip your thinking around.

It is time for the Shopping Game.


Here is how it works:


You pick one category to shop in at your home, just like at the store.

For example the category you select is kitchen knives.

You get all of your kitchen knives out and place them on the counter.

Now it is time to shop. You pick out the knives you would purchase today and set them aside.

These knives you will “bring” home to the drawer you will store them in.

All other knives will leave your home. If they are in usable condition you will bless another with them. (put them in your donation box) If they are in poor condition they go in the trash.

As the saying goes, “Keep the best, get rid of the rest”


You do not need to get all of your “shopping” done in one day.

Pick a room and set aside 15 to 30 minutes to work on one or more categories.

Some categories might include:

  • Living room: books, DVDs, CDs, decorations

  • Kitchen: cookware, bake ware, utensils, mugs, glasses

  • Closet: shoes, pants, tops, sweaters

  • Bathroom: makeup, body products, bandages, ointments, towels

  • Garage: garden tools, empty boxes


Enjoy shopping at your home.

You will end up keeping those items that you use and like.


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