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Important Papers: Know what to keep and Where to store them.

Many people struggle with organizing their paperwork.

They are not sure what to keep and the best way for them to store the papers they decide to keep.

This blog will identify what important papers you need to keep and where to store them.

Vital Documents                                                         

Birth Certificate                                                            

Social Security Card                                                                          

Marriage license                                                                                       

Military records

Divorce papers



Letter of Instruction                                                  

Trust documents                                                                    

Power of attorney (Financial)                                  

Copy of: Driver’s license, Health insurance card, credit cards

Property                                                         Financial                                            Health

                                                                                                                    (store together in binder)

Vehicle titles                                       List of bank accounts                          Emergency contacts

Deeds to house, land,                         Stock certificates                                Medical history

 Cemetery                                                        Savings bonds                         Medications

Inventory List/Pictures                                   Safe Deposit box                    Healthcare Power

Insurance-Home & Auto,                               Investment Accounts                of Attorney

  Company name, Policy number          Retirement Accounts                                     Living Will

(keep the most current policy)              Loan Information:                          Do not resuscitate order

                                                                 Where, account numbers             Organ donor

                                                              Life Insurance:

                                                                 Company name, Policy number

                                                              Tax returns: at least the past

                                                                seven years with supporting documents

It is recommended that Vital Documents be stored in a locked firebox in the home.

Safety Deposit Boxes are not accessible 24/7. Other papers can be stored in a binder or file box or cabinet.

For more information about organizing important papers contact Beth Ruck from Conquering Clutter at 937-564-1279 (call or text) or




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