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Around the house: Spring Cleaning part 1

So with the weather getting warmer and spring just around the corner, it has inspired me to do a bit of spring cleaning.

The focus has been on books, dvds, and record albums.

I have been weeding through them. Keeping my favorites and setting aside the ones I no longer love, need or use. The books have gone to used books stores in my area as well as the local library for their book sale. The dvds I have donated to a local charity’s resale store. The record albums will either be sold or donated. There is a record shop north of my town that buys and sells records. I will be emailing them a list of records to see if they are interested in purchasing any of them. If not, they will be donated.

This has resulted in a lot of free space at home with less clutter.

What would you like to accomplish when you do Spring cleaning?

Make a plan and work the plan.

Here is to a less cluttered home! #springcleaning#books#records#organizing


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